ATMs stolen from Exxon stations in Fort Washington, District

One of the ATMs was found in a field in Northeast D.C. Photo: Jennifer Donelan

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Within a span of four hours early Friday morning, a pair of Exxon stations - one in southern Prince George's County and the other in Northeast Washington - were robbed of their ATM machines.

Sources say that the robberies, both of which involved two suspects and a pickup truck, are connected, and a search is on for the men behind the crimes.

The first robbery happened at an Exxon along Indian Head Highway and Fort Washington Road in Fort Washington at about 3:45 a.m.

Prince George's County Police say two men wearing ski masks drove right into the Exxon and made off with the ATM. The ATM had been bolted to the floor. The store's owner says there was about $1,500 inside the ATM. The machine itself is worth about $2,500.

"We are just grateful no one was injured," says Derek Grayer of the Capitol Petroleum Group, who owns both stations along with 200 more across the region.

Less than four hours later, the robbers decided to go for round two.

The ATM bandits drove to the Exxon on Benning Road in Northeast D.C. using the same truck and the same method. Though this time, they backed into the ATM, which was located outside.

"It is a little alarming because you wonder where they will strike next," says Grayer, who is mostly worried for the safety of his employees.

Sources tell us that the pickup truck used in the crimes was a stolen vehicle, and in a picture obtained by ABC7, you can see one of the broken machines in the back of the abandoned truck. Both ATM machines were later found along 51st St in NE. Both were empty of cash.

"I know it's hard out here but to do something like that, it's not right. Eventually you 're gonna get caught 'cause crime doesn't pay," says Charles Lawson.

No one was injured in either crime and employees at the Fort Washington Exxon spent the morning cleaning up glass and debris.

Police are investigating a similar theft of an ATM on Crain Highway. They say suspects used a stolen white Ford pickup truck to knock over and steal an ATM from the Xtra Fuels gas station around 4 a.m. Thursday. The truck was later found in Northeast Washington.

Video courtesy of the Prince George's County Police Department.