ATM recovered in northeast D.C.

This ATM was recovered at a construction site in NE D.C. (Photo: Jennifer Donelan)

Authorities have recovered an empty ATM at a construction site in northeast D.C. Tuesday afternoon.

The ATM was found in the back of a pickup truck near the intersections of Hurston Lane and Commodore Joshua Barney Drive.

The truck was still running when police arrived but whoever was behind the wheel was long gone.

Customers at a Costco, which is just across the way from the lot, were surprised the truck and the ATM were found just 11 days after a brazen smash and grab thefts of ATMs in Prince George's county and D.C.

Three locations were hit in one night. The suspects in those incidents were wearing masks and gloves. They just carried the money machines away and then dumped the leftovers - the stolen truck and ATMs - in D.C.

There was a mystery surrounding Tuesday morning's find: Police sources explain the truck with front end damage wasn't reported stolen but the ignition was punched out, indicating it most likely was stolen.

Also, authorities are searching the area for reports of missing ATMS.