At least 60 vehicles vandalized in Centreville, Va.

(WJLA) - At least 60 cars vandalized in Centerville, Va. and police are looking for those responsible for shattering windows and cars.

Sometime after noon on Tuesday, Prithvi Singh was on his phone.
It was his second attempt at reaching the insurance company.

"Hi, Ms. Julie, how are you?” he said, when someone finally picked up the line.

Singh stood by his gray cab, as he described what happened. "They broke back window and side door,” he told the insurance claims agent.

Fairfax County Police believe those responsible used BB guns to shoot out the windows of cars parked along the streets.

Nothing was taken from the vehicles, so investigators think the criminals shot at cars indiscriminately.

Singh estimated he’ll probably spend more than a $1000 to fix the damages.

But that figure does not include the money he lost because he wasn’t able to use his cab for work.

"You lose a day. You lose your money. You lose your money on the car,” Singh said. “That's my living. That's how you make money."

Alfred Garner remembers it was still dark when he last saw his car this morning.

That’s why he didn’t see the damage, until he returned home from later Tuesday morning.

"I hope they find whoever did it and give them some help because this is very unnecessary,” Garner said.

Garner was getting ready to donate the car to the Salvation Army.

“Not in the tip-top shape, but at least someone could have enjoyed it a little more,” he added.

“Frustrating to say the least,” said John Woods, who was lucky his windows were not smashed.{ } "Since there weren’t any other indentations on the side of my car I assume someone was trying to take out the window and missed."

The metal frame between his windows was damaged, so he’ll likely pay more money than it would have cost to fix a window.

“The idea of someone going around shooting out 60-plus windows with a BB gun is just idiotic,” Wood said.

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