At 100, he's still got it

Harold Redmond

People who know Harold Redmond will tell you he's still got it. At 100-years-old, they say he's still got a way with the women.

And he still bowls every week.

On Monday, he turns 101. A retired mechanic, he still drives himself around. And if you ask how he does it, he says even he doesn't know.

“I did some of everything like everybody else,” Redmond says. “Some worse things in some cases!”

Redmond didn't start bowling until his eighties, when he decided he needed something to get him out of the house.

But in addition to the sport, he discovered a community. He says that's what it's all about.

“They get along with one another,” he says. “There's nothing to get angry about.”

And when you ask the man of more than 100 years for words of wisdom, he'll tell you: Don't sweat the small stuff. Because even after a hundred years, Redmond says life is too short.