Ashley Saunders traps alleged purse-snatcher in her car

Ashley Saunders trapped a would-be purse snatcher in her car. (Photo: WJLA)

Carolyn Watkins, 75, says she'll never forget what the young stranger did for her. That the young woman had the presence of mind to act quickly.

The young woman, 25-year-old Ashley Saunders says she can't quite explain what she did either.

“It was instinct,” she says. “I heard help and I wanted to help.”

The lives of the two women intersected last Friday in downtown Hagerstown as Ms. Watkins was taking a stroll. She took her usual alley shortcut and realized a woman was following her. The woman put her finger in Watkins’ back, claimed she had a gun and demanded Watkins’ purse.

“So I decided if I scream loud enough and long enough she'll leave,” Watkins said.

Saunders, who happened to be driving by, circled back to see what was wrong. She saw the alleged purse snatcher heading her way and did something incredible - she tricked the woman into getting in to her car.

Once the woman got in the back seat, Saunders locked all the doors with the child safety feature and waited until police arrived a few minutes later to make the arrest.

“She's the real hero,” Watkins says.

The Herald-Mail of Hagerstown reported that the suspect, 42-year-old Teresa Lynn Conway, was arrested on robbery and assault charges

“I wasn't scared,” Saunders says. “I had adrenaline running through me I was ready for the cops to get her.”