Ashley's Law: Va. governor Bob McDonnell signs Ashley's Law

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell signed a law requiring emergency vehicles to flash emergency lights and sirens or horns when going through a traffic intersections.

The law, known as Ashley’s Law, is named after Ashley McIntosh, who was killed in 2008 when her vehicle was struck by an emergency vehicle as it went through an intersection.

"It is a sobering moment as I sign this legislation today that results from a tragic traffic accident that took the life of a young Fairfax woman with a bright future,” McDonnell said in a statement. “We are constantly evaluating how we can improve public safety to protect our citizens, law enforcement and first responders. It is because of the care, concern and activism of Ashley's family and friends that this change in the law has become a reality, and for that I commend the great work of everyone who advocated for the passage of this bill. Virginia's streets are safer because of 'Ashley's Law.'"