Ashburn Psychological Services sued over toddler's death

Prince died on the fourth unsupervised visit, and Joaquin Rams, his father, has been charged with murder.

Hera McLeod thinks about her son prince every minute of every day. She calls him her angel.

And she is now taking legal action against a group she says bears significant responsibility for his death.

"I filed this suit on behalf of my son because he will never be able to be here and speak for himself," she says.

McLeod is suing Ashburn Psychological Services and Dr. Margaret Wong, claiming she was negligent in her evaluation of Joaquin Rams, the father of Prince McLeod Rams, and the man charged with killing the 15-month-old boy on October 20th, 2012.

The suit claims Wong argued in court that rams was suitable for unsupervised visits with the boy, despite his violent past and connections with previous violent crimes.

Ashburn Psychological Services declined to comment.

McLeod of Gaithersburg, Md., filed the $20 million suit Tuesday in Fairfax County.

McLeod says Wong's report was instrumental in a judge's decision to grant unsupervised visitation of Prince McLeod Rams to his father, Joaquin Rams.

Prince died on the fourth unsupervised visit, and Joaquin Rams has been charged with murder. Authorities say he drowned the boy to collect a life insurance policy.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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