Alejandro Rodriguez charged with assault, arson

A man wanted for setting fire to an apartment in Maryland is off the streets, a day after he shouted at police and disappeared.

“I saw the lights and looked out my window and I saw the fire and was like wow,” says Johnathan Frazier, who lives nearby.

The blaze quickly spread from the second floor to the third and then through the roof.

“We saw flames shooting seven or eight feet up in the air and we were wondering why police were searching,” says Jordan Brown, a neighbor.

Howard County Police say officers had been called to the complex for a domestic disturbance and found one person injured. As they were investigating, Alejandro Adolfo Rodriguez, 25, appeared at the second floor window, screaming obscenities.

That’s when police spotted a fire inside the apartment. When police tried to get to him, he escaped off the rear balcony. Police searched for him through the night.

Though no one was hurt in the fire, neighbors say they’re still frustrated.

“It’s just ridiculous that it happened over something so simple. You set the whole building on fire and put people out of their homes. It’s ridiculous.”

Rodriguez faces arson and assault charges. Police say the woman injured in the assault was treated and released from the hospital.