Army Lt. Colonel promoted in front of Jefferson Memorial

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Army Lt. Colonel Joe Martin was set to be promoted to Colonel, but since OPM decided that the government was closed, they had to find an alternate location for the ceremony.

Martin’s roots are in Buffalo, New York, so he didn’t have much of a choice:

"Many of my family members came in from Buffalo and they had to be back at work tomorrow."

If the buildings are closed, why not just hold the ceremony outside in front of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial?

"This would be just another day in buffalo," said Martin's father. And with the winds and snow, it was indeed just like another day in Buffalo.

The chaplain prayed and then came the speech, the pages of the weathered notebook covered in plastic.

And now, after 22-and-a-half years of active duty, the army got its newest Colonel.

However, his seven-year-old son thought it was a bit much!

"It was cool, but it was cold so it was confusing," he said.