Army Captain Florent Groberg honored

Florent Groberg

A standing ovation for an Army soldier who put his love for country ahead of his own life. On Wednesday, Captain Florent Groberg was honored by his former coworkers.

Four years ago, Groberg was an sales employee at Tysons-based ICore networks but he left in May of 2008 and enlisted in the U.S. Army.

“I felt that it was my time to serve and it was the right decision to do it at that time,” Groberg says.

Captain Groberg served two tours in Afghanistan and was there this year. But his deployment was cut short.

In August, his brigade was attacked by insurgents. Groberg and his team fought hard to save dozens of lives but sadly four soldiers were killed and Groberg sustained a serious injury to his leg.

He's now recovering at Walter Reed.

“He has stepped into the breach, put himself in harm’s way - not only for his fellow soldiers but for the United States Army and for the country - there's no higher or finer calling than that,” says Virginia Delegate Richard Anderson.

on Wednesday, ICore networks presented Groberg with a special certificate - a crystal award and even a Rolex watch for the timeless effort his spent serving his country.

“It was an honor,” Groberg says.

“To him it’s not anything special, but to us - we definitely want to recognize him as a hero,” says Lorena Roberts, an ICore Networks Marketing executive.

While thankful for the honor, Groberg says the true credit goes to the team at iCore that taught him how to be a leader and his entire army team, some of whom never made it home.

“I'm no hero, I'm just another soldier doing his job and I know it sounds cliche but that’s the way it is,” Groberg says.