Armored car attempted robbery, witness shot at

MORNINGSIDE, Md. (WJLA) - Prince George's Police say someone tried to rob an armored car Wednesday afternoon. It happened at the Checker's restaurant on Allentown Road across from Joint Base Andrews.

The robbery happened in a flash. As soon as a courier emerged from this armored car carrying bags of cash, three masked gunmen ran up and took the money along with the guard’s gun as stunned witnesses looked on.

"All I saw was them come across the parking lot, swoop down on the truck, one went on the driver's side and another went around on the other side -- the other was on the back," describes witness Denyse Bennett.

As the robbers jumped into their getaway car, the guard ran to Diane Noisi for help.

"I just heard the armed guard running at my car screaming that she'd been robbed and that they put her down on the ground, put a gun to her head, and stole her weapon," she says.

This snapshot taken by Denyse Bennett shows what happened next: two men in a red pickup truck start chasing the robbers, and that truck ends up full of bullet holes as the two good Samaritans inside chase the stolen green Jeep.

The suspects realized they were being followed before slamming on the brakes and opening fire. The red truck then stopped at this car dealership.

No one was hit, and by then police had joined the chase on into the District. Eventually, the robbers crashed their vehicle and after an extensive manhunt, police caught all four suspects. They also found money and four guns – thanks in large part to the guys in the red pickup truck.

"We're certainly not asking people to chase armed robbers, but this good Samaritan felt compelled to do so and we thank him for his efforts," says Lt. William Alexander with the Prince George's County Police Dept.

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