Arlington woman injured after manhole fall

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - Melita Harris and her roommate Kia Kelly say they've walked over this manhole hundreds of times before.

"I walk this route every day to catch the bus to go to work, and never has that happened," says Harris.

But earlier on Thursday afternoon, Kia Kelly says that all of a sudden while walking, her roommate disappeared.

"Here, it just caved in," describes Harris.

You can see the limp Melita is walking with tonight, and she describes he pain as “excruciating.” When the manhole caved in, it hit her thigh, and she could no longer move.

"When I looked down, she was face-down with her whole leg stuck inside of the hole," says Kelly.

Harris and Kelly say a number of good Samaritans stopped to help, but workers who were working on other manholes in the area did not.

"They never came over, not one time," says Harris. "They actually walked across the street to the bus stop and stood there until the ambulance got here."

The two women believe that workers did not place the manhole cover back properly.

"I would find it hard to believe that they went and opened one over there and two over here, but they never touched this one," says Kelly.

"That would have meant something, for them to just come over, but they didn't do anything," adds Harris.

Harris says her security job requires her to walk for hours a day, which will now be tough to do.

"Her injury was bad enough, but it could have been a child that could have fallen completely in," says Kelly.