Arlington tire theft: Police on the lookout for suspects

The most recent thefts happened at the Marriott Crystal Gateway on Route 1 in Arlington. Photo: Jummy Olabanji

Crystal City residents are a little uneasy after hearing about tires and rims being taken off cars Wednesday night inside the Marriott Crystal Gateway parking garage.

Police say two men ripped off two cars and were attempting another two when they were spotted by security. One suspect took off on foot, the other in the car. Both got away.

Over the past month in Arlington, thieves have taken tires off of nine different vehicles, mostly in neighborhoods on the south side of town and now in a hotel garage.

Officers are trying to piece together whether the incidents are tied together or just a coincidence.

Police are taking a closer look at surveillance video to try and identify the suspects and their car. After the incident, Marriott immediately contacted authorities and continue to work with them in the investigation.

Aaron Allen with Advanced Auto Parts in Arlington uses wheel locks to protect his expensive rims from criminals.

“If you don’t have a locking nut on your car and you have nice rims, you might see your rims on eBay,” he says.