Arlington streetcars becoming a reality

Hailey Ly works at one end of Crystal City but for lunch she heads the other direction, usually on foot. With only an hour to eat, she says she sometimes need to rush back just to make it back to work on time.

But Arlington County is working on a plan so that Hailey and others can consider another way to get around town.

“It will connect this area down here in the south end of crystal city, through Potomac Yards, up through Crystal city, Pentagon City out Columbia Pike to Skyline and Fairfax,” says Christopher Zimmerman, Arlington County board member.

The technology is being used around the world. One example of what we could see in Arlington is a model currently in place in Portland, Ore.

“Much as you do on a metro car, multiple doors will open - we'll probably have off-board payments so again you don't have to file and wait for everybody to pay and it'll move more efficiently more quickly,” Zimmerman says.

The cars could be in place by 2016.