Arlington school bus driver gets lost on first day of school

Some parents in the Arlington County Public Schools were already upset by the new voucher system that keeps some kids from riding school buses. Now they say a bus driver got lost on his route on the first day of school.

Alyson Fliakis, went to meet her first grader Zoe at Glebe Elementary School when she got off the bus Tuesday to calm her nerves on her first day.

But, the bus wasn't there. A transportation official told her the driver was lost.

"Went into the classroom, all the kids were lined up and my daughter wasn't there," Fliakis says.

Zoe's bus took about an hour to get to school. School starts at 9 a.m. The kids arrived around 9:30.

And when they got off the bus, "They were all drenched in sweat, it was a 90 degree day, super humid like it is," says Fliakis. "All the windows closed, no a/c on the bus.

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Zoe's mother says she asked for her daughter's bus route, but the school district refused to give her that information.

"It's really how they're handling the situation," she says. "Nobody was giving us a straight answer about where the bus was. Why wasn't it at school? Where are they?"

Today, a different driver was assigned to the route.

Arlington County Public Schools said they would release a statement to ABC7, but at air time it had not been received.