Arlington's first coyote?

This is a stock photo of a coyote. (Photo: Todd Ryburn via Flickr)

A brief video marks the first time in Arlington’s history an image has been confirmed as a coyote even though they may have roamed in Arlington for a long time.

Alonso Abugattas a natural resources manager with Arlington County, says no one could get a picture.

"The public participated and sent us numerous videos and pictures, but they all turned out to be mangy foxes, loose dogs,” he says.

A high school exchange student from Spain captured the image at Potomac Overlook Park. It was taken right near the GW Parkway and near several neighborhoods off Military Road.

See the video of the coyote here.

Zvenka Kleinfeld, who first saw a coyote about five years ago, wasn’t surprised to hear that an image of the coyote was captured.

"I saw it in the backyard, and I was like, oh my god, what should we do?” she says. “And my husband is like, just leave him alone, they don't bother us, we won't bother them."

She says she's seen up to four at a time - sometimes they sun themselves in the yard, sometimes they lie under her now grown children's playhouse. She says they've never bother people.

Experts say the only thing anyone needs to worry about is loose pets. Pets are seen as either competition or food.