Arlington residents continue to work with and without power

For the residents of a stretch of Kenmore Street in Arlington, a rogue utility pole had been causing headaches beyond compare.

As power outages from last Friday's storm stretch into their second week across much of the D.C. area, neighbors say that the pole sways in the wind so regularly that it knows out power repeatedly.

Eventually, though, the pole snapped, making residents like Betty may hope it'll finally get fixed for good.

"It has been bent for a while," May said. "This time they're finally fixing the pole."

As they work through their ordeal, neighbors have had to throw out food, wash their clothes at friends' houses and, in some cases, live elsewhere.

"It's really too hot in the house," May said. "It's just really bad."

But even for those who have power, like Sal Tajuddin, struggles continue. Several windows on his home are broken and he can't get them replaced, meaning that his air conditioning can only do so much.

"Every glass shop, every window installer in town is just backed up," Tajuddin said.