Arlington police investigate peeping Tom incident

Arlington County police are on the lookout for a man who's peeping at women in public restrooms

The latest incident happened at Ballston Mall and has striking similarities to two other cases this year.

Waitress Meryl Mullins said she noticed "a creepy man" sitting on the sidewalk between two cars on North Fillmore in the Clarendon area back on May 19.

"We didn't know why he was just sitting on a curb hiding," Mullins said. "He had a newspaper that he was covering himself with."

But when the paper moved, she realized he was exposing himself.

"All the sudden, we were like, 'Oh my god, this guy's creepy'," Mullins added.

She called police, but after 10 minutes, children had arrived at the restaurant instead of law enforcement.

"So that was when we had to make him leave," Mullins explained.

She confronted the man, adding, "He had actually started to walk away, and I just told him to keep walking."

On May 30, a man matching the same description allegedly exposed
himself to a woman sitting at a restaurant patio on nearby Wilson

Most recently, police report a man matching the description struck at Ballston Common Mall Monday night.

A girl visiting from Ireland was in a bathroom stall, looked up and saw a man peeping down at her, police say

The girl told officers the man ducked in a stall, and she saw his feet at the
bottom as she fled.

Vince Moore works in Arlington and has seen a man he thinks may be the suspect.

"It makes me feel like I want to whoop his behind," Moore said. "You do not mess with kids, you do not mess with kids."