Arlington pit bull attack leaves man seriously injured

Max Fronda suffered numerous injuries during the dog attack. Photo: Suzanne Kennedy

Max Foronda has bandages from head to toe. Two pit bulls attacked him late Sunday afternoon in front of his south Arlington home.

He was attacked near the intersection of South Walter Reed Drive and South Oakland Street at about 4:30 p.m. Sunday in Arlington's Nauck neighborhood.

Paw prints show where the pair of dogs were waiting in the 62-year-old's driveway. When he tried to get them to go to their home across the street they lunged at him.

“I can't stand up because the attack was powerful,” he says. “I lost all my energy. I can't stand up. I keep on falling on the floor. I keep on falling on the floor that's when they started biting me all over.”

Foronda was bitten more than a dozen times. He even has five stitches in his ear.

His 17-year-old son may well have saved his life.

“I threw a shoe at it,” says Alejandro Morales, the victim’s son. “It got its attention and I turned toward me and I quickly ran and as it chased me my dad got to safety.”

The son and neighbors called 911 while the victim stayed inside his truck.

Police say when an officer arrived on the scene, the dogs became aggressive with him and charged the officer. The officer then shot and killed the dogs.

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