Arlington neighborhood loses power for the second time this year

Jane Stevens has endured three nights without power.

Her Arlington home in the Arlington Forest neighborbood gets so cold,
she prefers to be outside walking her dogs Marty and Nickie.

"Just right here by the fence you can see it," Stevens said, pointing
to some of the damage in her neighborhorhood, which was one of the
last to get power restored.

Dominion power crews worked throughout Stevens' neighborhood so she
and others could spend their first warm night at home.

While the Dominion crews worked on power, other crews worked on
cutting and hauling out trees blown down by the wind.

Trees were typically the reason for damage and loss of power in
neighborhoods throughout Northern Virginia.

"I have a t-shirt, a pull-over, a wool sweater, and my jacket,"
Stevens said referring to the chilly weather she has been dealing with
since Monday night when Superstorm Sandy knocked out power.

"The sooner the better," she said laughing. "I was hoping noon, but
the only thing I missed was a hot cup of coffee."

Once a Girl Scout, when she is home Stevens makes belief she is
camping indoors and that everything is going to be okay.

"We have everything we need. So many other people have so much less,"
she said, referring to the million of people affected by Sandy in the

Jocelyn and Charlie Barbour agree they don't have it as bad at those
in New York and New Jersey.

The couple also lost power when the powerful Derecho came through the
area in the summer.

They were in the dark for days.

This time, they lost power Monday night.

"About 10 o'clock at night there was this thud and I think it was the
tree," said Jocelyn Barbour. "A lot of our wonderful old trees are too
close to powerlines and the two don't mix."

Because it's been cold, the Barbours finally gave in and spent
Wednesday night at the home of their daughter's boyfriend.

"It was warm and there were lights amd internet connection and
electricity," Jocelyn Barbour said.

The couple hopes they can sleep in their own warm bed Thursday night.

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