Arlington man captures Boston Marathon explosions on camera

(Courtesy John Walls)

An Arlington man was among those who witnessed Monday's explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

John Walls captured the chaos that followed the blasts, which killed at least three people and injured dozens more.{ }

"The only thought going through my head was I don't want to blow up, I don't want to blow up, I don't want to die here," Walls recalled.

Walls came to Boston with his family. He was sitting in the stands waiting for his wife, Cindy, and daughter, Katie, to cross the finish line.

"All of a sudden there was this giant explosion. It was like a mortar going off...," Walls said. "We were probably 75 feet or so from the first could see this whole building or the bottom of it just go up in flames...The second explosion happened 10 to 15 seconds. happened about 100 yards from us on our side."

Walls snapped a photo of the smoke, shattered windows and people holding their ears just after the first blast. Then he started recording.

"Oh God, get out of the stands, get out of the stands," a person can be heard saying.

Then the second explosion. Smoke filled the street, and Walls and those around him rushed down the stairs, looking for a way to get to safety.

"When the second one went off, all we could think of was we've gotta get out here because nobody's safe," Walls said.

It took him hours to find his wife and daughter. Thankfully, they were unharmed.

"Oh my God, do I feel lucky to be alive? I couldn't have hugged my wife and daughter any harder, our knees where shaking, our hearts were pounding," Walls continued.