Arlington gun control forum sparks demonstration

The debate over gun rights in America led to a fiery protest in Arlington Monday night.

The demonstration was sparked after Congressman Jim Moran hosted a community forum on efforts to prevent another tragedy, like the one in Newtown, Conn.

Outside the forum, gun rights advocates made clear their aversion to any proposal banning the sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Inside, they peppered questions, and screamed at Moran in some cases.

The protestors believe gun regulations violate their constitutional rights and won't stop a mass shooting.

Omar Samaha, whose sister, Reema, was among those murdered at Virginia Tech, says the first critical step should be instituting universal background checks.

"These tragedies continue to happen, and we haven't done anything substantial yet to prevent them. So when are we going to?," Samaha asked.

As for Moran, he said nothing said to him or screamed at him at the forum changed his mind. He still believes that sensible laws to minimize gun deaths are necessary.

"My abiding hope is that we can save innocent lives, that we won't have more disasters like Sandy Hook Elementary," Moran said. "...if Congress doesn't act than we are complicit."