D.C. area prepares for pending storm

Residents in the Arlington Forest neighborhood are all too familiar with what it’s like to lose power.

The powerful summer storm last year sent trees and power poles to the ground, and a new pole had to be put up days after the storm left hundreds of thousands across the region in the dark for days.

BGE and Pepco say they are preparing for possible power outages caused by high winds and downed trees, mobilizing extra workers to respond.

Now, meteorologists are warning that similar weather conditions could be headed this way, and local utility companies are keeping a close eye on the forecast. Pepco says they have crews ready to go if and when they’re needed.

With the ground already saturated from so much rain, the biggest concerns right now are flooding and wind. While the region’s power companies are preparing, they are asking residents to do the same.

Fortunately, the residents in this Arlington neighborhood say they know what to expect when a storm comes through.

Landscaper Tom Noll lives in the Bloomingdale area of Northwest D.C., the same area hit by several storms last year that created massive flooding after a sewer system backup.

On Rhode Island Avenue, a traffic sign is warning people about standing water while nearby construction crews are working on a new tunnel to store storm water.

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