Arlington CVS burglars pepper spray employees, police say

      Two women are wanted for allegedly stealing from an Arlington{}CVS and assaulting two store employees.

      Police say the suspects walked into the CVS on Glebe Road around 3:30 a.m. on Sept. 23. Surveillance video caught one suspect placing several cosmetics in two handbags while the other suspect served as the lookout.{}They then pretended to pay for the items at a self checkout.{}

      When an employee approached the suspects, he was pepper sprayed in the face, police say. A second employee who tried to help was also pepper sprayed.{}

      Police describe the first suspect as a tall black woman in her twenties. She was wearing green pants, a white t-shirt and tan flats. The second suspect is described as a black woman with a thin build. She was wearing a jean jacket and yoga pants.{}

      Anyone with information should call police at 703-228-4245.