Arlington County Fire Department hosts firefighting camp for girls

This weekend, 24 girls from around the Arlington area are trying their hand at firefighting.

"I'm always looking for somewhere to study to be a fire fighter. because that's what i want to do when I'm older," said Caroline Henry, an 8th grader at the camp.

The camp is hosted by the Arlington County Fire Department and runs from Friday through Sunday. The summer program has tripled in size since it began last year. Run mostly by female firefights, the ACFD is aiming to recruit more women into the traditionally male occupation.

"We're here actually encouraging young girls to just get excited about the fire department,' said Capt. Tiffanye Wesley. "We want to make them aware of the opportunity"

According to the Bureau of Labor more than 3 percent of firefighters are females. In Arlington, the statistics are a little better with 20 women in the department.

"One of my mentors got in full gear and did 50 pushups. And if she can do that, girls can do anything," Henry said.