Arlington County Board says Super Stop too pricey

Stainless steel, a touch screen monitor and heated floors - that's just some of the features of a Super Stop bus shelter along Columbia Pike in Arlington.

The project took almost two years, and residents say the wait and the price were not worth it.

Tim Hartnett of Arlington exclaimed, "It just seems like a lot of effort for nothing!"

The cost was split 80/20, with federal funds footing the majority of the bill. Arlington was only on the hook for about $200,000.

But that's not changing Fran Deluca's opinion.

"It makes no difference. The federal government is in debt up to our eyeballs," the Arlington resident said.

It's all part of larger plans to update the county's public transit system. Officials are now working on a $250 million streetcar project.

For some, the stop isn't a waste but a source of pride.

Arlington Resident Sherry Roper said, "Reasonable? Oh, yes! There's a lot of changes going on in Arlington. With relocation, we're growing up."

But from the bench of the old bus stop across the street, Arlington resident Elvis Alfaro said, "This one's fine! The wind, but that's it."

And this isn't where the project ends. Arlington plans to build 23 more of the Super Stops.The county board promises the next ones will be cheaper and take just four months or less to complete.