Arlington County bike thefts at an all-time high

Bicycle thefts are at an all-time high in Arlington County, according to the Arlington County Police Department.{ }

A total of 67 bicycles were reported stolen last month, but police say they have been working "aggressively" to reduce the number of thefts. At least six suspects have been arrested in connection to recent bike thefts. Michael Cullen, 42, pleaded guilty this week to nine felony counts related to the thefts.{ }

From June 1 to Aug. 5, over 120 bikes were reported stolen in the county for a total loss of about $100,000. Police say Clarendon is a hot spot for thefts.

Residents are encouraged to register their bicycles with the Arlington County Police Department online. Police also recommend using a U-Lock to lock your bike's frame and wheels.{ }

Any suspicious activity around bike racks should be reported to police.{ }