Arlington will continue childcare center inspections

Arlington County will continue to inspect{ }childcare centers and offer provider training doing away with a proposal to eliminate both.

The plan was meant to close a budget shortfall by eliminating the county's child care office.

Parents and others turned up to protest Arlington’s proposal, and over 1,000 signed a petition urging board members not to overturn the regulations, which have been in place for 40 years.{ }

Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan proposed eliminating the three-person licensing office, a move that would've save the county about $250,000 a year, The Washington Post reported.

County Board member Walter Tejada said. "Although most localities in Virginia rely on the State alone to conduct inspections of childcare facilities, Arlington has, for more than 40 years, provided an extra layer of inspections and training for providers - and the Board is committed to continuing both of those elements."