Arlington bike theft victim attacked, has second bicycle stolen

Photo: Heather Farrell

A man who recognized and tried to retrieve his stolen bike in an Arlington neighborhood last week not only was attacked, police say, but had a second bicycle stolen from him in the process.

The incident happened on Jan. 17 in the 2700 block of Wilson Boulevard in the Clarendon neighborhood, when a man told police he recognized a bicycle of his that had been stolen previously on the front rack of a bus. He then placed his current bike on the rack, boarded the bus and rode one stop.

When the man got off, Arlington Police officials say the man tried to take both bikes off the rack, but was confronted by a suspect who punched him in the face and fled with the victim's new bicycle.

Police describe the suspect as a 35-year-old black man standing 6 feet tall. He was wearing black pants, a dark jacket, a dark skullcap and light Nike shoes at the time.