Area deep-freeze takes over Northern VA

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) - An area deep-freeze has taken over Northern Virginia.

"I'm freezing. I'm really cold," says Rachel Jordan of Arlington.

"Wind chills down to single digits today," adds William Moreland with Fairfax County Fire & EMS.

It’s so chilly that even firefighters are feeling it.

"When you have the water flowing, get a lot of ice buildup. As cold as it is, it's freezing on contact," explains Moreland.

On every vertical surface, there are icicles, and on flat surfaces, layers of ice.

"Right now, it's just a pain cleaning off the car and everything," says Charles Vinsonhaler.

"When it gets this cold it just freezes and a normal shovel won't work -- you have to get the yard shovel," says his housemate, Colton Kerrigan.

Meanwhile on the roads, drivers encountered some dangerous slick spots off the main roads.

"The side roads, they have some more work to do,but the main roads look good...I had no trouble getting around," says Mike McKeon from Alexandria.

This is some of what we found in Northern Virginia: pristine, icy, untouched streets, and along with the night’s cold temperatures, no sign of any of that changing.

"495 was fine, 66 was fine," says Joanne Lafon. "I live on North Royal and it really is icy, and there is a hill, so you do have to be very careful."

Throughout the day around the region, storm crews raced against the clock to battle the cold temperatures and to clear streets -- and they had to treat them over and over again.

"Everything is re-freezing so we're constantly going back over what we've already done to keep the traveling public safe," says Bill Meade, MCDOT District Supervisor.

But as bad as things seemed, it was much worse in other areas of the country – especially the Northeast, where roads were an icy mess. At least 11 people were killed in traffic accidents.

Back home in neighborhoods, drivers tell us they’re being a bit more cautious and are slowing down to look for black ice. Fortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of traffic.