District's old trash bins collected in city 'blitz'

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - When Armin Pilik arrived from New York at his D.C. Airbnb abode on 11th Street in Northwest this afternoon, he witnessed a troublesome scene:

"I don't know what to think of this -- obviously I'm not going to live in a trash can."

We think it was trash, but the folks who live here say it hasn’t made a lot of difference since the city dropped the new trash bins three weeks ago, and still has yet to pick up the old ones.

"I think the District wanted to make sure that we had plenty of trash cans, and when the wind blows they go everywhere," says resident William Ricks.

The city delivered more than 200,000 trash cans and recycle bins with the idea that they would pick up the old ones – and they are doing so. We caught up to a crew in Southeast trolling for trash bins with “Take Me” stickers on them, though they say they will only take them if they’re on public space.

Charles Grissom was happy to see them today:

"It took them long enough to come over here on this side to recover the cans, they've been sitting out there for a month."

The next stop after pickup is with Storage Yard, where they are stacked 10 or more feet high, waiting for a buyer who will put them through a shredder and recycle them – paying the city about $1.50 a bin.

Workers have collected 60,000 so far, plus about 1,300 more since the blitz began on Saturday.