Apple store door falls onto passerby

BETHESDA, Md. (WJLA) - On Monday afternoon at the Bethesda Row Apple store, the heavy glass front door that reportedly weighs up to 800 lbs. came crashing down onto a passerby.

Pictures posted up on social media show the shattered door and the injured man being attended to by witnesses. A.J. Thompson couldn’t believe it:

“Oh my god, that's painful," he said. "You'd think they would have seen the door was off the hinges -- that's pretty terrible."

"Not a pleasant thing for someone to have to go through during the holidays...I hope the guy's okay," added Lance Seacrest.

Montgomery County Fire and EMS treated the man hit by the falling door for serious but non-life-threatening injuries. He reportedly suffered a broken pelvis.

A statement from Apple spokesperson, Amy Bessette, says:

“We work hard to make our stores a happy & safe environment for our customers. We’ve reached out to the family directly to express our condolences and we hope for a fast recovery.”