Antwan Holcomb sentenced to 88 years in 2009 murder

The man who shot and killed a man who he lured into a robbery on a phone chat line in 2009 was sentenced to 88 years in prison Thursday.

Antwan Holcomb, 21 of the District, made out with only a pack of cigarettes in the robbery. He was convicted this past March of murder, armed robbery and other charges stemming from two other attacks in the same year.

In the murder case, prosecutors say that Holcomb convinced a gay man to meet him in Southeast D.C. on Dec. 27, 2009 Upon his arrival, Holcomb and the victim, 29-year-old Anthony Perkins, drove for a few minutes before Holcomb shot him in the head and stole a pack of cigarettes from the man's car.

"It is difficult to imagine a more senseless murder," U.S. Attorney Ronald Manchen said in a statement.

Holcomb also pleaded guilty to charges in a shooting earlier in December 2009 in Southeast in an incident where he paralyzed a man he thought had stolen a gun from him. He also shot a woman in an attempt to eliminate her as a witness.

In 2010, Holcomb was also charged with gun possession charges.