Anti-Semitic flyers popping up in Takoma Park

A Takoma Park resident found and collected anti-Semitic flyers from driveways in the 7400 block of Flower Ave. Sunday.

Police canvassed the area after receiving the call about the flyers, but couldn’t find any.

ABC7 found one of the flyers outside an optical shop on Laurel Ave. Next door, workers at the florist shop say they found one left on top of a Christmas wreath display.

“I picked it up because I thought somebody had left something important, but it was obviously the work of a lunatic and it had some pretty hateful things,” says Bethany Karn.

The flyers are crudely put together. They contain a combination of what could be described as anti-Semitic and Doomsday ramblings.

“I find it horrendous,” says Pat Parachini.

Takoma Park Police say residents have reported finding them on homes and cars across the city. This is the second year in a row they have popped up here and police believe it is the work of the same man.

“We actually did identify the guy and ruled him out as a credible threat,” says Chief Alan Goldberg.

Police say it doesn’t rise to the level of a hate crime, but it’s still tough to ignore.

“As much as I abhor any racism against anybody, we do have free speech,” says Judy Kogod.

Anyone with information should call Takoma Park Police.