Anti-bacterial soap health risks, VA employee bonuses, 2013 car model deals

(WJLA) - The makers of anti-bacterial soaps are facing tighter scrutiny tonight, as the FDA confirms that germ-killing soap could actually pose health risks.

The FDA also adds that there is no evidence that anti-bacterial chemicals used in liquid soaps and washes actually help to prevent the spread of germs. And, there’s some evidence that they may even pose health risks.

A federal ruling found that chemicals in the soap can interfere with hormone levels, and under a proposed rule, the FDA will require manufacturers to prove that their cleaners are safe and more effective than plain soap and water.

In other news, if you work for the state of Virginia, you could be getting something special in your stocking soon. Governor Bob McDonnell is proposing a performance bonus for state employees. It’s up to three-percent before next Christmas, but it also depends on your performance and savings at the end of the fiscal year.

Finally, now is apparently the best time of year to buy a car, as car dealers still have plenty of 2013 models in supply while 2014 models are arriving. They need to clear inventory, and dealers pay interest on money borrowed to buy the cars, so they are anxious to sell them quickly. Salespeople are also under pressure to meet year-end targets.