Anonymous warning signs on 15th Street NW alarm residents

The sign warns joggers that someone has been photographing them. Photo: ABC7

Someone has posted signs along 15th Street in Northwest Washington warning women that someone who lives on the block is secretly taking pictures and videos of female joggers and walkers.

Police say they're aware of the posters, but haven't received any formal complaints about picture-taking.

"If it's true, that's pretty creepy and kind of scary," says nearby resident Aly Garcia.

The posters are unsigned with no clues as to who made or posted them, adding to the unnerving nature of the message.

"It's really scary to think that someone's actually doing that. Very mind-boggling that someone would record a lady who's jogging," neighborhood resident Karla Beltran says.

"I think it's fear inducing and doesn't provide enough information to actually be helpful," says Emma Hayes. "I will avoid this block."

"I definitely am out late," says Katie O'Neill. "I'm a waitress. I walk here late at night. Definitely walk here late at night. Now I'll be a little more careful."