Anne Arundel County Schools: 'Operation Kitty Capture is complete'

GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJLA) - Operation Kitty Capture is complete, Anne Arundel County Schools spokespersons said Tuesday.

A feral cat on the loose inside Richard Henry Lee Elementary School in Glen Burnie Friday prompted the early release and evacuation of the school, when animal control authorities could not effectively capture the cat.

A search for the cat continued over the long weekend, but when no signs of the cat were seen, officials concluded that the cat must have moved on and was no longer on campus. They announced classes would resume as normal on Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday.

However, the Washington Times reports that a teacher on Tuesday morning discovered cat urine and fur in a supply closet, leading them to realize the cat had stuck around after all.

Animal control authorities returned to the campus, and this time were able to find and capture the cat.

Anne Arundel County Schools spokespersons announced Tuesday that "Operation Kitty Capture" was successful and the incident was over.

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