Anne Arundel County legalizes stun guns

Anne Arundel County became the latest Maryland jurisdiction to allow its residents to carry electronic shock devices for their protection, the Annapolis Capital reports.

In a tight, 4-3 vote, the Anne Arundel County Council legalized the carry of Tasers and other brands of stun guns in a move that supporters have called a necessary step for residents to be able to protect themselves.

Stun guns have been legal throughout the state of Maryland for four years, but that state law allows counties to decide whether or not to allow the devices. According to the Capital, only law enforcement officers were legally allowed to carry the shock devices in Anne Arundel County before Monday night.

Dissenters of the legislation say that experts should have been included in the discussion before Monday's vote.

Residents must be at least 18 to own and carry a shock device under the new bill.