Annapolis students build a tiny house with SustainaFest


ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJLA) - The tiny house movement is a growing trend nationwide.

About 50 students in Annapolis are building a tiny house at the Key School's summer camp -- with only three weeks to complete the job.

Many of them aren't even old enough to get behind the wheel. But in just one week, they've already started building the framework to a tiny new home.

They’re hammering away at invaluable skills while learning the basic building blocks of how to work as a team, learning that if they can build a house with a group of people, they can do almost anything.

The 210 sq. ft. home is costing roughly $70,000 to build. It’s designed not only for efficiency, but also for sustainability.

Once the finishing touches are made, the home will be able to operate completely off the grid, using solar panels and filtering water from rain.

With the help of a non-profit organization known as SustainaFest, they're taking the project into classrooms, working with building experts and volunteers to help students create it from the ground up.

And they hope students will take on a different perspective in the future, while laying the foundation for life lessons for years to come.

When the home is completed, they plan to take it on the road to other schools and shelters to teach others about sustainable shelters.