Annapolis car dealership hit with gas theft

Annapolis dealership deals with gas theft

Though they have fallen victim to vandalism before, the Toyota dealership on West Street in Annapolis has never faced anything like this before.

Over the past week, someone has stolen gasoline from the tanks of about a dozen of its cars...most of them took place from Monday night into Tuesday morning. But, the perpetrator didn't use a hose like most gas thieves do...he or she used a drill—to tear holes right in the tank.

“That's crazy man. That's one of the weirdest stories I've heard in a while -- and I've heard some weird stories,” said Alfred Matthews, an Annapolis resident.

With only three gallons of fuel per tank, no one seems to understand the motive for the crime, but one thing is for sure: it costs 800 dollars per new tank. Police suspect the thief planned to use the gasoline in their own vehicle.

Annapolis Police Spokeswoman, Detective Amy Miguez said that the trend is not a new one. When metal prices increase, she said, they see an increase in thefts of the metals—same goes with gas.

The act of stealing gasoline, however, is a particularly dangerous one—a spark from the drill could easily ignite. “The gas is extremely flammable, even though there's not a lot of gas inside, there's a lot of vapors,” Miguez said.

The dealership's manager said that it just seems like a crime not even worth committing.