Annandale's Korean-Americans react to increasing tensions

Local radio station WKBC has seen a spike in listeners in light of the rising tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Station manager Yong Sik Lee says more people are tuning in to the news instead of music.

The station has even recently launched an app so listeners can monitor the news on the go.

And they're paying close attention at the Kogiya restaurant too.

Sylvia Cho says her parents emigrated here 30 years ago. They still have lots of family in South Korea.

There was much of same story around Annandale, the heart of the Korean-American community in our area.

After decades of saber rattling from the north, many aren't worried.

One restaurant worker is still so worried, she didn't want us to identify her.

"My family was okay. They told me don't worry. It's normal because they're scared many times,” she says.