Annandale Powerball winner: Barbara Yancey wins $1 million

Barbara yancey won $1 million in the Powerball jackpot. (Photo: Horace Holmes)

ANNANDALE, Va. (WJLA) Barbara Yancey doesn't normally buy tickets for the Powerball lottery. But she sure is happy she did last week.

Yancey, of Annandale, won $1 million in last week's historic jackpot.

Virginia Lottery officials presented her with her prize at the Giant food store on Columbia Pike in Annandale. That's where she purchased last week.

“I want to say hi to all my D.C. friends and lawyers,” she says. “It's really me.”

Yancey is a legal secretary at a D.C. law firm. She says she isn't a regular Powerball player but with the jackpot up to $448 million dollars last Wednesday, she was in the store shopping and had to take a chance.

“I had ten dollars in my wallet and I handed it to one of the clerk and said just run me some numbers,” she says. “I never looked at the numbers.”

That is until the next day after the drawing when she came back and saw news crews in the parking lot and signs at the store saying a million dollar ticket was sold here.

That's when she checked her tickets with a clerk inside and found one of them matched five of the Powerball numbers, making the ticket worth $1 million.

She takes care of her 91-year-old mother and her 96-year-old father so she rushed home to tell them. Yancey comes to the Giant store where she bought the winning ticket practically every day to buy things for them.

Yancey says she's not ready to quit her job and isn't sure what she's going to do with her winnings.

“I just don't want to work as hard as I had to work, so I am open to ideas about helping other people,” she says.

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