Ann McLaughlin Korologos works to fight blindness

Ann McLaughlin Korologos. Photo: WJLA

Ann McLaughlin Korologos was just given the visionary award from the Foundation Fighting Blindness. It’s an award that's been 11 years in the making, spurred on by her friendship with a man who has been blind for more than 40 years.

Gordon Gund started Foundation Fighting Blindness and 11 years ago Korologos offered to host a fundraiser in D.C. The group has since raised $5 million to overcome vision robbing diseases.

“The idea was to bring more attention to the work of the foundation fighting blindness to the congress in particular,” Korologos says.

Korologos may be a familiar face to you. In the late 80's, she was the Secretary of Labor under President Ronald Reagan and in 1989 came what she calls one of her proudest achievements. Korologos chaired the air terrorism committee formed after the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

“The first commission that all of its recommendations were implemented within a year of the commission report,” she says. “But I was very touched with the ability to stand before the families and give them answers.”

In recent years she sits on many boards for non-profits and corporations. And she owns an art gallery in Aspen, where once again, her friend Gund is featured.

Though blind, he is an accomplished artist and Korologos hopes one day Gund and others may see again.

Korologos loves spending time with her young grandchildren, another reason she says fighting blindness is so important for future generations.