Andrew Wilson recovering from war wound

Seven months into his deployment to Afghanistan, 24-year-old army specialist Andrew Wilson suffered a devastating injury.

He stepped on a pressure plate IED in while on patrol looking for IEDs.

“Lost both my legs - one leg above knee, one leg below the knee,” Wilson says.

Just days later, he arrived at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he's spent three months recovering and rebuilding his strength.

His doctors say he's doing remarkably well. He's already walking on his prosthetic legs, assisted by two canes.

He’s recovering faster than most in his situation, which doctors say is in large part because of his positive attitude and determination.

“We expect, based on amount of recovery he's made already that that would continue- and he'll be extraordinarily active very quickly,” says Dr. David Lindemann, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician.

Already this month, Andrew rode a handcycle from Miami to Key West with a wounded warrior project soldier ride.

“It was fun - exhausting but definitely fun,” Wilson says.

Andrew's family isn't surprised by how much he's accomplished.

“He's been so positive and he's really been the strength for all of us,” says his stepmother Kim Wilson. “He's got a great attitude and I know he's going to do everything he did before.”

And he already has his next goal in mind:

“Hopefully to walk with a normal gait is what I'm hoping, I'm hoping pretty soon too,” Wilson says.