Andrew Kuglar charged with Amber Schinault's murder

Kuglar first appeared on ABC7 last December when Schinault's Yorkie "Molly" was kidnapped. (Photo: ABC7)

A 36-year-old man arrested in July for allegedly killing his girlfriend Amber Schinault has been officially charged with her murder.

Andrew Kuglar was arrested on July 23 after police discovered Schinault’s body in the basement of her Berwyn Heights home. Police say her throat was slashed.

Court records show Kuglar has been charged with second degree murder, violation of a protective order and first and second degree assault in connection with Schinault’s murder.

Police say the pair were in a relationship, but Schinault had a protective order against Kuglar at the time of her death.

Schinault, accompanied by Kuglar, first appeared on ABC7 News last December when her Yorkie “Molly” was kidnapped.

Before the murder, Kuglar was described by friends as despondent and lonely.

Police say Kugler tried to commit suicide when police attempted to take him into custody.