Anacostia River protesters upset over failed cleanup efforts

BLADENSBURG, Md. (AP) - Protesters in fake hazmat suits plan to swim in the Anacostia River to protest the failure of cleanup efforts to meet a deadline in the federal Clean Water Act.

Organizers say the protesters planning to take the plunge Thursday morning at Bladensburg Waterfront Park include former U.S. Sen. Joe Tydings and state Sen. Paul Pinsky of Prince George's County.

Organizers say they are holding the event to raise awareness about the failure to meet a July 1, 1983 deadline, set by the Clean Water Act, to make polluted waterways swimmable and fishable.

The Anacostia is one of a number of waterways nationwide targeted last week in a new federal urban waters initiative. Federal officials also unveiled a plan last year to clean the river flowing through Southeast Washington.