American Traffic Solution posts video of red light running

The nation's largest supplier of red light cameras, American Traffic Solutions, is now posting video online of cars caught by the cameras as they blow through red lights.

They hope that if drivers see what can happen, they will hit the brake the next time they see red.

"There are so many people that think their time is more valuable than your life," said Russ Rader, of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

In 2009 - nearly 700 people were killed – 130,000 hurt in red light running crashes.

Most of those were in the other vehicles, or were walking or riding bikes.

Red light cameras, however, are controversial. There is evidence they can increase rear-end collisions, as drivers slam on brakes to avoid getting caught.

But a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found they also reduce the more deadly T -bone crashes and save lives.

Facts about the dangers of red-light running from American Traffic Solutions:

* In 2007, red-light running led to 154,000 injuries and more than 900 deaths across the United States (source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - IIHS).
* 96 percent of drivers are afraid of being hit by a red-light runner, yet nearly 56 percent of Americans admit to running red lights (Old Dominion University, Virginia).
* Motorists are more likely to be injured in crashes involving red-light running than in other type of crashes (FHWA).
* Occupant injuries occur in 45 percent of red-light running crashes, compared with 30 percent of other crash types (IIHS).
* A nationwide study of fatal crashes at traffic signals estimates that 20 percent of the drivers involved failed to obey the signals (IIHS).
* 40 percent of all crashes are intersection related (FHWA).
* The number of fatal motor vehicle crashes at traffic signals is rising faster nationwide than any other type of fatal crash (FHWA).

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