American flags burnt in Arlington neighborhood

This is what's left of more than two dozen miniature American flags in Arlington. (Photo: Brian Hopkins, ABC7)

Miniature American flags flutter in the wind on the front lawns of most of homes on Quantico Street in Arlington. On Thursday morning, more than two dozen homeowners found nothing but charred remains of their patriotic displays.

“I'm mad I don't think people who do stuff like that should live here,” said Sam Guillespie.

Guillespie left his house early Thursday morning to find the remains of the flag that was planted on his lawn. All that’s left is a charred spot. He thinks whoever ignited it ought to be in jail.

“I don't understand why someone would make out of a bad thing out of a good thing,” he said.

A local boyscout troop donated the flags last week to commemorate flag day. Police say, someone burned 27 flags around 5:30 Thursday morning.

Jeff Marcoe, too, found his burned flag when he stepped outside this morning to pick up his newspaper

“It was just scary that someone in the middle of the night had come down the street and had done that. I also felt a little sense of offense,” Marcoe said.

The fire marshal and police are searching for whoever is behind the flag-burning.