American Fitness Index 2013 ranks D.C. as second fittest city

Looking good, D.C. Have you been working out?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, you have been. The organization's 2013 American Fitness Index rates Washington, D.C. as the second fittest city in the United States. The nation's capital held steady from 2012's report, where it ranked second overall as well.

The ranking, which includes Alexandria and Arlington as factors, indicates that the D.C. area is abundant with parkland, recreation centers, dog parks and other fitness facilities. Rates of poor mental health, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health indicators are also low.

For the third consecutive year, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area ranked as the nation's most in-shape city. Baltimore ranked 17th on the list, while Oklahoma City pulled up the rear as the least fit city in the rankings.

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