Police: No suspects, no apparent motives in two high school student murders

Marckel Ross was gunned down as he walked to school on September 11.

Police are searching for information and trying to find the killers in two separate murders of high school students, Amber Stanley and Marckel Ross, in Prince George's County.

In both cases, there are no suspects and no apparent motives, police say.

They were two good kids with bright futures. They didn't know each other. There seems to be no connection between the crimes.

But the crimes have stunned an entire community.

Marckel Ross, 18, a junior at Central High School, was gunned down Tuesday as he walked to school.

Friday, Elizabeth Ross, Marckel Ross' mother, joined his classmates for a balloon launch in the honor of the student shot and killed earlier this week.

"Marckel, the day before he passed away, said he wished he had wings," Elizabeth Ross said. "I feel as though he got his wings. Today is his celebration."

Ross says she is overwhelmed by the love for her son she saw at Central High School today. Before the balloon launch on the football field there was a memorial in the school auditorium.

Huge photos of the 18-year-old junior appeared on a screen as his friends offered their thoughts.

Nearly three weeks after she was shot to death inside her Kettering home on August 22, Prince George's County Police are still trying to find anyone who may have clues in the murder of 17-year-old Amber Stanley.

On Friday, police armed with flyers are walking in busy shopping centers not far from where Stanley was slain in Kettering.

"Somebody saw something, somewhere, at some point," Prince George's County Police Maj. Amal Awad said.

As another week comes and goes - three now since the murder - police are still baffled and have very little to go on. The Kettering community is now becoming more impatient, desperate for an arrest

Police spent Friday morning informing residents and talking to people who could perhaps shed some light on what happened. Torrence Wimbish took a stack of crime flyers back to work with him.

"As a parent, I would want the person who did this to be found," Wimbish said.

The honor roll student at Flowers High School was in her bedroom when a man kicked in the front door, walked upstairs and shot her multiple times. A sister and foster sister managed to escape unharmed.

Police say there was a warrant out for that 17-year old-foster child for what police say is a completely unrelated matter.

She is now in the custody of protective services in Montgomery County. Who killed her sister, however, is still a mystery.

"We don't have any new developments," Awad says. "(But we will leave) no stone unturned."

Back at Central High the students who walked the track in Marckel Ross's honor and then released those balloons say they'll never understand.

"I wish he was here," Jeremiah Campbell says. "Its not fair."